YEAR 2021

JULY 17, 2021

Me and OpenRift were featured as guests for
Arthur Kannibal's
The Comfy Talk podcast.

The podcast premiered at the time of a Freeform Friday event (Friday, 8:00PM CST)

So what is "The Comfy Talk" you might ask, well it is a open platform for bringing recognition to the hobby's most dedicated people, and for enthusiast to voice their own opinions.

In this podcast, you'll get to hear me and OpenRift's stories about how we got into video games, our first exposure on multiplayer, origins of our usernames, the origins of DOSBox Deathmatch Club, and more!

If you are a fan of podcasts, definitely give this a listen!

JULY 16, 2021

Take No Prisoners is a CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED game!

So I've revisited this game and I feel like there should be more reviews for this game.

For those who don't know what this game is, it is a top-down shooter developed by Raven Software, who are mostly known at the time for developing games like Shadowcaster, Heretic, Hexen Beyond Heretic, etc.

It is powered by Raven's in-house Vampire Engine that was also used for developing Mageslayer and *maybe* Necrodome. This game would also become Raven Software's first game that doesn't use a first-person perspective.

Now the engine is what interests me as well, if you use the cheat that enables first-person view, you'll see right away that it's technically a 3D engine with 2D sprites (similar to Doom Engine games and BUILD Engine) but with the camera-view in top-down perspective. It's a shame that a level-editor wasn't included because I would've loved to potentially make levels for it.

Now I have heard some downsides regarding this game, like the game's progression is one thing, think of it like it's the Hexen of Top-Down Shooters. I haven't done a playthrough enough to give my opinion on it.

The second downside that I also haven't tested was it's multiplayer. I was going through the comments section of a review video (probably the only one I can find as of this writing) and stated that an introduction to this game was attempted in a couple of LAN parties circa 2003, It was said that the view is just too constricted and was easy to get snuck up on and taken out without really being able to know what was going on. Plus it was said that the weapons were unbalanced and had a couple of overpowered weapons (Minigun, Rocket Launcher, etc) and the equipment was not being utilized because of how difficult it was to cycle of deploy effectively. It was also stated that the levels were too big for less than 6 players.

Now I will state that don't judge it's multiplayer by it's comment as it is just someone giving their thoughts on the multiplayer, it's always best to try it yourself and see what you think. I've tried to get the multiplayer working without the hassle of VPNs but fighting DirectPlay under TCP/IP to get a dedicated server nowadays is like trying to win the lottery at this point.

If only IPXWrapper either allows Direct IP connection or atleast support the use of DOSBox's IPXNET servers for Internet Play. There are people who don't want to resort to VPNs, I've tried. The closest I got for this was WIPXEMU by kjliew but while it was communicating with IPXNET servers, hosting and connecting didn't work. I guess that's something to revisit for another time.

If you wish to try it out for yourself, get it on a abandonware site and throw Dgvoodoo2 in for now till out of the blue it gets released on GOG. If you wish to watch a review I got one here by Salokin.


JULY 4, 2021

Happy 4th of July everyone!

The personal site has returned from a short blackout state. Hope you like the new design!

Click here to see why the blackout happened.

JULY 1, 2021

Hello everyone!
while we are three days away from 4th of July, I want to let everyone know that I am accepting submissions for an upcoming Q&A video. The deadline has not been determined yet but I may aim at either the week after I reach 300 subscribers on YouTube or the week before August 21st (My birthdate)

So far we have around 10 submissions at my personal Discord server at the time of this article. If you wish to submit a question for me to answer, you must either be part of DOSBox Deathmatch Club or Razorback in order to join my personal server. or alternatively you are always welcome to send an email to :

If you are sending an email remember to include this part of the subject "QNA1 -"
Example : QNA1 - Who is Dakki?

Stay tuned for more content & streams! and hopefully I can answer those questions someday!
THEBaratusII signing off!

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