YEAR 2021

JUNE 9, 2021

This one is a personal topic but I feel like I got food poisoning.
It was probably the reason I didn't get to do a livestream as I wanted to due to the frequent stomach pain/cramps. Today I will be talking about the start and end of that.

It was almost dinner time and was a bit late because my parents were getting Taco Bell (5pm or 6pm), but that was when the cramping began. It was beginning to hurt even more after I ate my dinner (I believe it was almost the end of 7pm) I ended up laying in bed till I ended up getting into a voice chat with my brother and his friend to play Garry's Mod as of almost 10pm. The pain was getting a bit more worse as I attempted to concentrate on what Steam Workshop items I want or need. I did manage to take some Pepto Bismol before playing Garry's Mod for a bit (During 11pm).

It was midnight at 1am, and the pain was getting more worse and ended up getting a fever and nausea on top of it. I ended up saying "fuck it!" and told the voice chat I got to get some rest. My first attempt didn't work out despite taking more Pepto Bismol because of the pain bothering me so I ended up staying up a little longer playing Duck Game in a attempt to keep my mind off but my eyes were beginning to shut so I attempted to rest again (3am). I played some music to distract myself and it somewhat worked! However I didn't get much sleep as it took an hour or two before I ended up being awake. I believe the pain and fever went away for now but I'm not sure if it's coming back (which I hope not). But I did get told that if it gets even more worse I would end up going to the hospital. Thank god it hasn't come to that.

Now as for the livestream I planned on doing before the "food poisoning" I will be streaming tonight and make up for yesterday unless I somehow get the cramps again which I hope not. Till then expect more articles in the near future wither it being food poisoning or me wanting to show you people my religion about the lord and savior, Tchernobog (It's a inside-joke btw!)

THEBaratusII signing off.

UPDATE : I might not stream for a day or two because I might need to fully recover. The cramps may be gone but I haven't fully recovered it seems. It appears people with food poisoning end up recovering in about 24 to 48 hours. See you on Thursday or Friday.

JUNE 1, 2021

In today's article I will be reflecting on when I began streaming on Twitch with a Live2D model I made.

It's also been my third month of streaming on my current Twitch channel.

While my test stream from April 2021 was my current Twitch channel's first broadcast, It sure isn't the first-ever. In fact, my first stream was broadcasted on YouTube as far as November 2015. Now this stream is considered private and I don't have any plans on deleting it (I keep these for the sake preservation), but I will explain the context of that stream.

Of course it starts with a logo I made for I was in a phase as a teenager when I wanted to start a dev team making TCs and other shit that never get finished after a few months or less working on it. Looking back at this years later still makes me cringe to this day and I even ask myself why I thought this was a good idea.

As I became less introverted by late-2020, I eventually attempted another test stream under a new format, where I had a background, a facecam and the game's screen. However in that test-stream, only my microphone picked up. This was due to using multiple tracks for my recordings at the time being, it was only a matter of tweaking before I can get it going. But other things were in the way and got me distracted. The thought of doing livestreams returned in March 2021, but instead of streaming on YouTube like last time, I've decided to stream on Twitch instead. The move stemmed from when my friends including Lord Reven and OpenRift were using Twitch and I said to myself, I guess I could jump in on the fun.

However I wasn't feeling comfortable showing my facecam in the recent months, so the facecam idea got scrapped and could've went along without a facecam until I eventually entered a new interest...

I came across clips of a VTuber from the YouTube recommended. The screenshot above is Zentreya who is associated with VShojo. After days of enjoying her content it eventually inspired me to use a VTuber model instead of relying on facecam.

I downloaded Live2D Cubism and just messed around for a bit. Before make the parts needed using screencaps I've archived of So Dakki from Senkaiden Houshin Engi (She is one of my favorite anime antagonists).

Now getting the model created was a lot of work, and it even involved watching tutorial videos to get the job done. Once it was done I decided to test it out. I've downloaded various programs that can let me using the model in webcam form. Before settling with PrprLive.

That was when the test stream would begin. Now I am aware that some people will get me the wrong way. I mean sure, I used a Live2D of a female character while using my own male voice which is weird.

But the thing is, and this is in my Twitch channel's about section that this was done for the fun of it and not to be a full-fledged VTuber.

And because I wanted my friends to have a laugh because in DOSBox Deathmatch Club + other personal Discords, Me and the bois are known to bust each others balls!

I hope this article explains why I used this Live2D model in my streams. Till then, stay tuned for more content.

"Bryan's final form... He turns into an anime girl, but he still has his patrick voice." ~ OpenRift

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