YEAR 2021

MAY 24, 2021

Hello Everyone! This is the first news article I am posting since the move to

Before we go off with this, I want to give huge thanks to Kugee for letting me move both this site and DOSBox Deathmatch Club's website to Razorback. If it wasn't for him, you wouldn't be able to read this on the older browsers like Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

Now let's talk about what I planned for both my website and channels.

Months prior to the move and other things, I have recently started livestreaming on Twitch, and for those who viewed my channel, the uploads section were flooded with Twitch VODs. Since it was starting to bother me, I've decided to unlist the Twitch VODs but you can still watch them via the Twitch VODs playlist.

[This is future THEBaratusII Here]

Only the streams up to June 6, 2021 are planned to be unlisted but only visible to a playlist due to feedback regarding the "flashy" background in the Starting Soon/AFK/End of Stream scenes.

Now as for making videos, I will continue making highlight videos of Twitch streams alongside making other side video projects. I even setup PCem with Windows 95D installed so expect videos out of that. I also plan on further improving my website for now plus I might eventually run a Q&A at some point so expect a article coming. I will keep you updated as time moves on.

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