YEAR 2021

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

[Youtube Frustrations UPDATE]

I did some thinking about my YouTube channel, and decided to continue uploading content there as I realized I shouldn't leave my 250+ subscribers behind just because of how weird YouTube regularly is from time to time. However I will still remain making BitView variants of my videos, while slowly uploading on FulpTube.

In other news, I have managed to get myself into mapping for Marathon. My first map is for network play, and is supposed to be a recreation of Area 15 from Blood. While the map is not a 1:1 recreation, it is supposed to be like a "Marathonized" version of Area 15. I plan to include this in a Netpack someday.

FEBRUARY 9, 2021

[Youtube Frustrations]

So recently I have been feeling burnt out on creating content for YouTube.

Since January 2011 when I began to create my first YouTube account that I wanted to provide content for the fun of it, and it didn't even have it's own purpose until getting inspiration from the videos like Lazy Game Reviews and various other vintage computing content creators. It also inspired me to get into vintage computing. My current channel has been around since 2014 and is still up to this day. I realized why it took years to get at least 200 subscribers. The algorithm is just terrible! My content gets buried in favor of something that gets YouTube huge sacks of money! Like PewDiePie for example.

Compare this to sites like BitView and FulpTube, etc. My content was about easily seen on the homepage from time to time and even got 2 subscribers on FulpTube in a day or two. Now as for my channel, it will still be around but expect less to no content as I am primarily focusing on creating content for the alternatives. I also encourage content creators to give a dive into the alternatives, because while it won't replace YouTube, at least you can be involved in a community than to have your content buried by famous people and corporations.

See you on BitView or FulpTube for now.

FEBRUARY 8, 2021

Oh boy! things have changed for Blood Multiplayer. I do like to bring up my history of playing Blood online!

This was back in late 2011 when I discovered Blood's multiplayer scene via YouTube. Those multiplayer gameplay videos usually coming from players like ToxicBarrel (Gargoyle) and Aichmorhabdophobia (Maligned). I had originally tried YANG (Yet Another Network Guider) but had no success in finding a Blood game. Either that or I was just impatient at the time. That's when I discovered Meltdown, It is somewhat like YANG but felt more easier to find players. I would register on Meltdown somewhere in December 2011 under a cringe-worthy nickname that I don't even bother mentioning anymore.

Not only I've played Bloodbaths in there but also sometimes for Duke Nukem 3D (Dukematch) and Shadow Warrior (Wangbang) but most of the time I played Blood multiplayer there. However as time went on (Somewhere in 2012 I think?) I ended up a bit burnt out originally due to my childish drama (Because I was young and didn't know any better at the time). Sometime in 2015, I started doing multiplayer for Blood again and even joined a group on Facebook dedicated to Blood at the time. This was where I became friends with Nyyss0nen, Bernaise King, and a few others.

As 2016 went by, after my Bloodbath match with a Meltdown user and a LAN session with a friend from school. I eventually got burnt out and considered myself retired after the initial five years of Blood Multiplayer. But in 2017, The source port trend would start when BloodGDX was released. However I wasn't completely out of retirement as I've only played a few multiplayer games via BloodGDX when the multiplayer support came out. I didn't enjoy the mouse input in BloodGDX at the time.

As 2020 hit, I was getting closer to coming out of retirement once I joined DOSBox Deathmatch Club (established by OpenRift) and participated in the Blood event from February 15, 2020. This was also around the time when Meltdown was called out as a malware and a 'undeniable evidence' video was uploaded. Not many people went to Meltdown sometime afterwards and the people from the Blood Discord would implement a NBlood dedicated server system for picking up Bloodbath games (also includes a dummy player so it's a pretending to be dedicated server) while a few others would still use Meltdown via a version of NBlood that has the "-broadcast" argument.

Now on October 2020 is when I would come out of retirement. As I started playing NBlood multiplayer with RDR.EXE and his friends and it was even when I first met meleemario and we were neck and neck in Bloodbaths. It was also around the time when I participated in the BIGEYE events run by Kugee of that involves playing QuakeWorld deathmatches in celebration in each episode being uploaded. The last BIGEYE event took place in October 30, 2020 and not gonna lie, I almost teared up in celebration of the finale and I even got credited along with the fun I had with the people at Razorback. This also got me out of introvert hell.

Back to the topic of my return in Blood Multiplayer, I was taught by meleemario about the uses the Voodoo Doll and Tesla Cannon has. He even told me about how the Deathmask powerup (Invulnerability) could break a good match. I give huge thanks to meleemario and others for the fun i had with Blood multiplayer. Time for me to logoff, Thanks for reading!

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