YEAR 2020

APRIL 16, 2020

What you are seeing here is my Pentium II 450MHz with 256MB RAM, and a Diamond Viper V550 running Unreal build 219, which is the last version of Unreal before some or most of the sounds were replaced by the ones by Sonic Mayhem, which for most people would know them for the Quake II soundtrack. So why did the sounds change in build 220? Well according to a friend of mine "LeoTCK", The sound changes was supposed to be included in the "Botpack" expansion which would later become the stand-alone game most would know and/or love called Unreal Tournament.

So then the changed sounds especially the weapon sounds was put into build 220 possibly to match up with Unreal Tournament. I honestly preferred the old weapon sounds despite the new ones being 16-bit while the old ones were just 8-bit audio. Nowadays the original sounds can be played again in the form of a mutator that works with versions 224v or higher. (Unless you just want to play the unpatched version for old times sake)

Anyways, I'm gonna log out now, expect more articles to come up sometime in the future. ~THEBaratusII

APRIL 6, 2020

So after playing around in One Must Fall 2097, I took a look at the Wikipedia page about the game, and I just now heard recently about a 3D sequel being planned in 1996, but was cancelled. However the series instead got this sequel titled "One Must Fall: Battlegrounds". So I could be having a theory here.

What if OMF:BG could be the sequel from 1996? or perhaps it might be one of those "Sequels we never got". If I remember correctly I saw Usenet posts from back in the day about rumors of a 3D version of One Must Fall being in development but would turn out to be Unreal (which didn't release till 1998).

A friend of mine looked into a file that was recovered on a zip file containing certain 3D models for Unreal, containing a exe file named "ED2.EXE" You can see his BetaArchive post about it here. There was mentions of two robots, one named the Stealth and one named the Juggarnaut. Which adds another theory on this canned sequel to OMF2097...

What if ED2.EXE (possible very early Unreal Engine?) was meant for this sequel to OMF2097, or maybe... What if Unreal was planned as the sequel to OMF2097? So perhaps that's one of my theories here. Stay tuned for more news, and other possible theories. :P

APRIL 4, 2020 (Midnight)

As of the writing of this article it's nearly midnight, so this won't take place in April 3rd...

Before I go on topic, here is a screenshot of me playing a Quake II modification titled "SOG" with a friend of mine. It's like a id Software crossover that was based on "Generations" which had the same idea but id Software would eventually threaten legal action to the developers of Generations which resulted in the modification's development getting canceled. I used to have the original screenshot but *I will get to that later in this article* but I still had the screenshot that was on my Twitter.

So yesterday, I had Windows XP installed on my main rig on a different hard drive for old-times sake! It was fun until the drive eventually bit the dust. So what happened was while I was playing through Unreal Tournament singleplayer, I was going through DM-Liandri and all of a sudden, a Blue Screen of Death occurred.

I tried to reset the machine to boot back to Windows XP but I was given the message from the BIOS that there was no boot drive and told me to restart the computer. So I went into the boot menu only to notice the HDD with Windows XP didn't detect at all. It doesn't even help that its a old Samsung hard drive from a old HP Touchsmart.

I could perhaps use another spare hard drive but I'm not sure if the drive is any good, and if I wanted to get another hard-drive, I could've just shell out the money on a cheap SSD instead. And yes, I am writing this on my Windows 10 partition. It's a shame that my Windows XP nostalgia journey didn't last long because of a dead hard drive.

That's it for this article, hopefully I,ll have more to talk about someday.

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