YEAR 2020

MARCH 29, 2020

The day prior, I was playing Shadow Warrior multiplayer with the bois at DOSBox Deathmatch Club. I also got my Corsair K63, it is a great Cherry MX-Red keyboard so far, no issues from using it in the day it arrived.

MARCH 28, 2020

So I was browsing through the BetaArchive recently, discovering that a friend of mine "LeoTCK" has been tinkering with Doom alpha builds. He first made some executable edits for Doom 0.4 swapping the Demons 'SARG' with Lost Souls and Barons. and then he made a hack for Doom 0.2 to show Demons 'SARG' instead of the Barons and included another hack showing them being replaced with a animated shotgun sprite. LeoTCK then made an edit including two more hacks for Doom 0.3 they are called 'levelhack' and the 'lostsoulhack' There has been a mention of a height limit for Doom 0.4.

Check out the topic on BetaArchive.

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