YEAR 2020

NOVEMBER 16, 2020

"I think I just spawned a Chasm: The Rift mapping/modding community."

Well, this is something! My tutorial video (from December 2019) about the basics of Chasm: The Rift's level editor has spawned a small community of mappers and modders, which they now run a Discord server titled "The Shadow Zone". The screenshot above you is a user addon (episode) being made by Jezzah and Jason Mumford. Progress on this user addon I believe started to show back in early October 2020.

Chasm: The Rift rarely (if not at all.) had user-levels and addons. However back in 2011, a few YouTube videos were uploaded about a Wolfenstein addon being worked on by "Sunny" for Chasm, which sadly was abandoned I believe and has not seen a release. I also originally thought my tutorial video wouldn't get as much attention and I had other projects and personal life to go through meaning I didn't get time to document other things I pulled off in editing Chasm. However due to the effort shown by Jezzah and Jason Mumford, I am really glad I uploaded that video because we might be seeing new things for Chasm in the forseeable future.

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