YEAR 2017

DECEMBER 23, 2017

I've ordered a GoTek USB Floppy Emulator for my Packard Bell 812CD (Intel Pentium 100MHz) to help the process of turning it into a MS-DOS Pentium rig. While that was the only mid-90s rig I had as of this article on the desktop side of vintage computing I still have my Dell Latitude XPi (Intel Pentium 133MHz) on the laptop side.

DECEMBER 18, 2017

This was a rant article that I had to get out of my chest for a while.

People be bumping up prices for their vintage computers like it was a goldmine, but the facts are the matters of shipping damages, bad compacitors, non-working power supplies, etc. This term of bullfuckery is called scalping (or price gouging as some of my friends call it.) and eBay is no joke when it came to this.

I became stressed about it because not only about eBay but the lack of vintage computer finds on thrift shops and flea markets in my location! I mean sure they are cheap to get on there but it's a rather hit or miss when it comes to this. To make matters worse, the scalpers go ahead buying these vintage computer hardware from other eBay sellers or some flea market or thrift shop etc. and then they resell them in a higher price because PROFIT! and they make excuses not to lower the cost to make at least somewhat affordable.

And what makes even more worse for the people wanting to preserve those hardware is the scalper threaten to do damage to the machine if it wasn't doing any profit, like destroying the hardware, scrapping CPU pins for gold (That isn't worth SH*T!) etc. Here's an advice to those planning to scalp on eBay, It isn't worth it! it's not like those plastic action figures or rare DVD collections that could bump up in value, and not to mention not everything would last forever! Remember that vintage computers out there can be known to bite the dust at some point because of how old the components are, I mean sure people can recap the bad compacitors and other bad parts but still! This scalping issue is probably why people rather use emulators such as DOSBox for example.

DECEMBER 10, 2017

The article celebrates the 24th birthday of DOOM which released in December 10, 1993. I went ahead to tell my story of my experiences with Doom.

It changed my life as a six year old, my mother was into horror movies and it used to have me scared a lot, not to mention the nightmares I had when I slept hehe. Anyway I was introduced to the game both from Xbox Live Arcade (it came out around in late 2006) and on PC (via Doom 95 Shareware). The first time I played it was a funny one. Remember me being scared of horror movies my mother watches? That started to go away after I started playing Doom on those platforms, I won't forget the time my mother let me play cooperative with her Xbox Live friends.

Another fun fact here is that, I remember visiting the id Software website just to discover other Doom engine games like Raven Software's Heretic and Hexen, and even drooled on screenshots of the Quake games! I've created a screenshot reimagining my young self visiting the Quake webpage via IE6.

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