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Welcome to my personal homepage!

What you'll see here on this website are mostly stuff that relates to classic PC games and technology. I also run a YouTube and Twitch channel!

Hopefully you'll find something interesting in this site. Have Fun!

About Me!

Most people would refer to me as Baratus (buh-RA-tuhs) or under my first name Bryan.

My interests consists of drawing art, mapping and playing classic 1990s PC games (sometimes Consoles too!)

I am currently an administrator of DOSBox Deathmatch Club as of December 9, 2020 and I organize Freeform Friday events.
Originally was a staff member in March 2020.

Also I am a Babiniku VTuber as
Akage Megane (fka Redhead With Glasses)

Where to contact me?

You could reach me on Discord either through joining DOSBox Deathmatch Club or message me on Twitter, @ForateiS

I barely use Facebook and at times use Twitter.

I also run a semi-public Discord server titled "House of THEBaratusII" If you are interested in joining contact me through Twitter or join the DOSBox Deathmatch Club discord and look at #server-list to find an invite link to my server.

About Akage Megane!

Akage Megane is my VTuber OC that I debuted back on April 8th 2022.
The idea of Akage Megane came about while messing around with VRoid Studio after quietly retiring the "3D Dakki" VTuber model.

Originally referred to as "Redhead With Glasses," temporarily until a better name came about, her lore is slowly in the works. Writing stories and lore is a new endeavor for me, honestly. I plan to dedicate an entire page to her, but to start, she resides from an unknown planet where '90s LAN parties were a traditional activity. Later on, she discovered the internet and vowed to spread her love for retro gaming and computing to the world.

Also for those wondering about the symbol shown on her midriff baring croptop, the symbol is basically the Nali symbol from the 1995 technology demo of Unreal by Epic MegaGames. The symbol also resembles her obsession with the Unreal franchise. *Yes she is Unreal-pilled*

Website by THEBaratusII

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