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3/4/2022 what game you like the most in your life? It's gonna have to be DOOM, because it had a impact in my life. ZLegendaryGamer
3/4/2022 Windows 11 or Mac OS? Windows XP KAAN
2/2/2022 What if Dakki was real? Ask her on a date maybe? lmao BabblingBrook
2/2/2022 What rare game console or game like to own in future? The mail-order copy of Doom. ZLegendaryGamer
2/2/2022 give 5 money 4 booba that'll be 5 money BabblingBrook
1/23/2022 What particular scope of old computer hardware would you envision yourself working with the most if you had a wider variety on hand? 486 and Pentium class machines. Probably because most of the games I've played came from the 90s. Kugee
1/15/2022 Advice re: introducing someone to Hoshin Engi to any extent? (Manga or anime, dub or sub/translation, abridged series, etc.) For accuracy reasons, always start out with the Manga before Senkaiden. Skip Hakyu Houshin Engi though because I heard bad things such as removing a lot of the manga stuff in the adaptation compared to the 1999 adaptation. HUNT3R
1/15/2022 Did you consider any other alternative avatars before or while settling on Dakki? I used various anime avatars of the likes of Rena Ryuugu, Priss Asagiri, Yuka Takeuchi, Hotaru Tomoe, and more prior to settling on Dakki. Sometimes I do use other anime avatars while settling on Dakki sometimes but for a short-time. HUNT3R
1/15/2022 What was your introduction to older computers? Hand-me-down systems? Virtual machines? Emulators? My childhood led me into getting into vintage computing. My first PC was a Pentium III Dell that originally had Windows Millennium Edition installed. Windows XP Home Edition was installed later on but it didn't stop me from getting into more DOS games because I ran them with NTVDM back then.

I started getting into it in 2012 because of LGR (I still watch his content sometime), and a few other channels I don't watch anymore. My first vintage machine I had a hold of was a Dell Dimension 300 (Pentium 4) and HP Pavilion 4455 (Celeron 400MHz) .
1/15/2022 The hell is a Baratus and why are there two of 'em? (Translation: Please explain your screen name.) My screen name was based on Baratus the Fighter, which is the fighter-class in Hexen: Beyond Heretic, a FPS made by Raven Software in 1995. This was because I mainly play as the Fighter from Hexen (Cleric/Parias was my alternative for deathmatches)

Originally my screen name was Baratus II because of learning about roman numerals during History class. Later had to tweak the name to THEBaratusII for more originality
1/14/2022 when did you become aware of Dakki? I discovered her in 2019 from the Blade and Epsilon website back when I was looking for stuff about Variable Geo (if you are familiar with PC-98 stuff), ever since then I became a simp for Dakki as of early 2020. Bashe
1/12/2022 Could you please explain why you feel that 1999 Dakki is better than manga/2018 Dakki? Both are good! But yeah, while I like the manga Dakki, I just prefer the '99 version because unique attire and redhead KAAN