THEBaratusII Personal Website

I know I was supposed to do this a few days ago but due to the passing of Kugee's grandfather on July 1st 2021

This personal site will be going under a blackout as a message of respect to Kugee and his family. However DOSBox Deathmatch Club is not affected during this time. This site will also undergo a redesign along with DOSBox Deathmatch Club.

If it wasn't for his grandfather giving him that 486, things would've been really different, plus it would've potentially been a bit more longer before I completely broke out from being introverted (I broke out of being introverted thanks to attending the BIGEYE events back in October 2020.)

If you ever take the time to read this Kugee,

I (THEBaratusII) and the friends over at my personal Discord server are very sorry about your loss. It is never fun loosing a family or even a friend. Just recently my aunt had passed away as well, I never told any or much people about this but I am breaking that silence as well. I've never met her as much but it still sucks...

To Kugee's grandfather, you will be missed.

And, Kugee, you have my respects!

~ THEBaratusII - Adminstrator of DOSBox Deathmatch Club