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About me

Most would know me as THEBaratusII or some would know me by my first name, Bryan. I have a interest towards classic PC games and older tech.
I also have a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel, and which would contain mostly me playing classic PC games, either singleplayer or multiplayer with the bois
at my personal Discord server or others.

I used to be an administrator in a few Facebook groups but I either stepped down, or had falling outs with those running the groups. I don't use it as much anymore.
I am currently a administrator of a Discord channel titled "DOSBox Deathmatch Club" which is established by TheOpenRift.

Contact me?

I would be on Discord most of the time, I don't bother with Facebook and partly use Twitter.
You can find me on Razorback discord or at DOSBox Deathmatch Club, so I would join those servers if you want to get in touch.
I also run a personal Discord server but I only invite friends of friends because it is a personal server *duh*.

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