About Me

Most of you out there would usually know or refer to me under my nickname "THEBaratusII" (Based on the Fighter class from Hexen: Beyond Heretic) or some would usually refer to me under my first name, Bryan. I mostly have interests towards classic PC games and older tech (preferably those from the 1990s). I also run both a YouTube channel and a Twitch channel, which also contains content mostly relating to classic PC games wither it being on singleplayer or multiplayer with the folks at my personal Discord server or at other places such as Razorback and DOSBox Deathmatch Club.

I used to admin a couple of Facebook groups but I either stepped down or had falling outs with those who ran the groups (and probably for right reason). I was also a staff member of DOSBox Deathmatch Club back in March 2020 before I ended up being promoted to Administrator on December 9, 2020. I am currently the only administrator of DOSBox Deathmatch Club as it seems, especially since we had a few staff members and an admin either stepping down or ended up being very inactive at the time.

So Dakki

The character/waifu that was shown in the majority of my profile pictures, cover photos, etc since early 2020 is the antagonist "So Dakki" from Senkaiden Hoshin Engi, also known as Soul Hunter in the US. This anime is rather obscure and not much people talk about this, and there is even rarely any fanart of the "1999" version of Dakki while the majority of Dakki fanart was based around the original Manga or Hakyu Hoshin Engi (2018) versions. The Senkaiden version of Dakki featured orange hair and has a modest outfit which features shoulder pads and her outfit color being dark purple and white. While the Manga/Hakyu verison of Dakki actually featured pink hair and has a white swimsuit like outfit, plus she always changes her clothes all the time to "several ridiculous and avant-garde fashions". I currently use a Live2D model of "Senkaiden" Dakki I put together with the use of screen caps as a base for Twitch livestreams. This was only primarily done for the fun of it.

I am also the older brother of Trevor (Triaxis/Trevor0402/KickDudeTrevor/etc) who most would probably know him for his "SC-55 Soundfont" work, etc.

Do you wish to contact me?

I am mostly on Discord, as I don't bother with Facebook and partially use Twitter.

You can pretty much find me on Razorback Discord or at DOSBox Deathmatch Club, so it is best to join one of those servers if you plan to get in touch with me.

I also currently run a personal Discord server, it was formerly private but later became semi-public. It is best to be part of either Razorback or DOSBox Deathmatch Club to gain access to my server.

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